• You can support our efforts to study the flora of the Caribbean Islands and to provide educational workshops for local communities on biodiversity, botany, and conservation!

  • Your donations will help us to cover expenses for field expeditions, materials for educational workshops, and publication charges.

  • We will gladly provide you with detailed receipts on how your donations are being used, and keep you posted on the progress of expeditions and projects.

  • You can support all projects (“Flora of the Caribbean Islands”) or specific projects (“Caribbean Mistletoes”, “Caribbean Wild Cinnamon Trees”, “Flora of Haiti”, or “Birdcatcher Trees”).

Our next expeditions include:

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$3,000Raised $45 towards the $3,000 target.$45Raised $45 towards the $3,000 target.2%

A. Field expedition to the Dominican Republic in collaboration with Dr. Jackeline Salazar 

  • We are planning to collect the aromatic Wild Cinnamon trees (family Canellaceae) to understand their diversity in Hispaniola Island and update its taxonomy in the Caribbean region.

  • Other objectives include to collect mistletoes and other native plants to update the flora of Hispaniola Island.

  • Besides field collections, we are planning to give educational workshops on biodiversity and conservation in coordination with Dr. Yolanda León from the non-profit organization Grupo Jaragua.

Pedro Acevedo and Hector 'Chapa' Andujar collecting specimens - Dominican Republic

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$3,000Raised $70 towards the $3,000 target.$70Raised $70 towards the $3,000 target.2%

B. Field expedition to Haiti in collaboration with Agronomist William Cinea

  • We intend to explore several regions of Haiti to rediscover endemic species of trees and mistletoes.

  • Other objectives include to collect specimens and samples of parasitic plants and other native species for taxonomic and molecular studies.

  • These collections will be used to update the flora of Haiti and to assess the current conservation status of many rare endemics.

  • We will also provide workshops on conservation to local communities in coordination with the Les Cayes Botanical Garden, and specialized training in botany to students from the American University of the Caribbean in Les Cayes.

Field assistants - Haiti
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