• I am a botanist from Puerto Rico studying plant taxonomy, phylogenetics, ecology, and genomic evolution

  • My botanical expertise is mainly focused on Neotropical plants, in particular from the Caribbean region

  • I am currently working on several projects on molecular phylogenetics and systematics, including taxonomic treatments for tropical mistletoes (Loranthaceae, Santalaceae, Viscaceae) and birdcatcher trees (Nyctaginaceae: Pisonieae)

MACO - South Caicos

Research Experience

  • Field work to collect vouchers, samples, living tissue, and seeds of plants

  • Herbarium management and databasing

  • Plant propagation and greenhouse management

  • Ecological studies on pollination, seed dispersal, and forest dynamics

  • Laboratory work processing samples for genomics (DNA, PCR, library building) and transcriptomics (RNA) studies

  • Phylogenetic and bioinformatic analyses (sequence and genome assemblies and annotations, transcriptome processing for gene discovery and phylogenetics, etc.)

  • Taxonomic treatments and key building (dichotomous and electronic interactive)

  • Collaborations with scientists from other fields (e.g., paleobotany, phytochemistry, ornithology) by providing samples and/or conducting analyses

Academic Degrees

My scientific publications are listed in Google Scholar and Research Gate

Visit the Projects section for more details on my research activities

Please contact me using this form

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